“The Truth About Marriage” Sheds Light on the Mystery of Love, Relationships, and Marriage

Available now on Amazon prime, “The Truth About Marriage” has become my new favorite relationship documentary. I definitely recommend it to people who want to know more about love and committed relationships.

Key Points:

  • It is not realistic to depend on your partner for your happiness. It is important for them to add to your happiness, but you have to be independently happy for a sustainable “happiness” in your relationship. Your happiness is your responsibility.
  • Self awareness is the first step in navigating healthy relationships.
  • Emotional stability is one of the most indicative personality characteristics in long term relationship success
  • John Gottman comments about how we interact with one another in relationships determines relationship outcomes
  • Relationship skills are essential.
  • We need to own what we need and ask for it respectfully, rather than blame and criticize our partner for not meeting our needs.
  • Committed relationships are a series of relationships.
  • Sex is a way to maintain chemical bonding in a relationship.
  • Honesty has to be buffered with sensitivity.
  • The function of conflict is mutual understanding.
  • Skill: Listening without defensiveness

These are just a few of my favorite lessons, be sure to check it out asap!

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