What’s a modern day relationship?

Modern Relationships Daily was created on the concept that relationships are complex, constantly evolving, and essential in our lives. Our societal beliefs, values, and norms have radically transformed, yet our need for connection and love has not.

Our mission is to emphasize and establish healthy relationships. Most importantly, healthy relationships with ourselves and our loved ones. What do we believe sets the groundwork for healthy relationships? Honoring who you really are and establishing relationships and a lifestyle that reflects it.

Technically, I am part of the newest generation of couples therapists in the field. I realized that there is an advantage to being a “younger” therapist- it’s to help others navigate the modern day landscape of technology, media, societal expectations, and the resulting emotional complexity that contributes to success or distress in modern day relationships.


Alexa Baliski, LAMFT

Hey there! I’m an NJ individual + couples therapist currently working at two practices in the area. This blog is a part of a collaborative community created to spread awareness and educate readers about healthy mental health practices. Keep an eye out for articles featuring other local therapists to learn more about their areas of expertise and expand the resource network within our South Jersey community.😊 I started writing about mental health and relationships back in 2018. I transitioned from my previous blog “the therapy realm” into modern relationships daily in 2020 to empower, inform, and entertain readers in collaboration with other likeminded mental health professionals. Relationships are one of the most important yet complex aspects of our lives. I think everyone could benefit from learning how to have more satisfying, healthy relationships in their lives. Subscribe for the latest posts and to show your support! Also, please don’t be shy! If there’s something that you’re interested in knowing more about, don’t hesitate to submit a question or request under the “Ask, Alexa” tab. This can be totally anonymous! If I don’t know, I’ll find another therapist who does.

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