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AN OPEN letter to anyone thinking, “that was a waste of time.”

There’s nothing more precious than time. We’re granted a finite amount of days with the slogan ‘make them count’ echoed for as far back as we can remember. There have been many times in my own life where I’ve been disappointed about something promising turned out to be “a waste.” It’s only now as I

Therapists Are Using Tiktok To Spread Mental Health and Healthy Relationship Tips and We’re Loving It

In the therapy room, therapists are no longer the stoic, “serious”, and “blank slate professionals” that the culture historically depicted them as. As therapy has evolved, we realize that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most powerful tools of healing based on trust, empathy, validation, and acceptance fostered in the therapy room. While it’s

Innovation Meets Therapy with Airapy: Interview with Founder, Rachel Cox

I love learning about creative new concepts in the therapy field. When I learned about Airapy, I was instantly intrigued. The idea of a mobile private practice with the platform to serve more clients without worrying about overhead is sure to perk a few ears. The service offers “walk and talk” therapy, and therapy at

“Free” Therapy as Insurance Companies Nationwide Waive Copays For Support During COVID-19

Since this coronavirus pandemic has started, insurance companies have been cooperative in waiving co-pays for mental health and related services. This is great news, considering the sharp increase in mental distress, economic hardship, and uncertainty within our country. Click here to see if your insurance is covered under this act. If you want to schedule

Best Instagrams For Mental Wellness During COVID-19

These mental health instagrammers are inspiring professionals and empathetic healers while also being charmingly human and relatable at the same time. On the forefront of mental health during COVID-19 epidemic, these therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors share their thoughts on how to deal with the uncertainty and panic that’s spreading throughout the world. This

Relish App // Interview with the Founder of Lesley Eccles, also co-founder of Fan Duel

First, what is Relish? Relish is the first-ever truly customized relationship training app that helps build a happy, healthy, more connected relationship with your partner. Relish teaches active mindfulness to help individuals or couples become more conscious of how they approach their relationship, discovering improved communication, deeper connection and more intimacy. It offers unlimited one-on-one


My personal and professional advocacy for “Relish” started during a search for tools to maximize couples’ results in therapy. I was looking for something that kept clients engaged in the process of achieving their goals and fostering more connection and positivity in their relationship. The search was inspired by evidence-based research from relationship expert, Dr.

3 Trendy Ways to Connect with your Partner/Spouse

Download “The Gottman Card Deck” for free in the App Store. There are 14 separate sets of questions about multiple areas of your relationship; fun, leisure, goals, communication, sex, etc. The purpose of this exercise is to engage your partner on topics to foster bonding, fun, intimacy, connection, and communication. According to love experts, knowing

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